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India: The Business Opportunity

A Practical Legal and Regulatory Handbook by Dr. Linda Spedding

Review by Dhanendra Kumar, The Chairman

Competition Advisory Services (I) LLP


India with its 1.3 billion population, huge and expanding market, rapidly growing purchasing power of its people, strong and vibrant democratic traditions, fiercely independent judiciary and well-developed regulatory institutions is growing today at an annual rate of 7.8 and driving the world’s economic growth. It has attracted the admiration of IMF and World Bank, and global investors are thronging to explore newer investment opportunities here.

The Modi Government has caused a tectonic shift in FDI regime, opened the doors for FDI like never before and eased the various rules and regulations and streamlined systems and procedures to facilitate it, and all this has resulted in FDI inflows recording huge surge in recent times. A number of new flagship programs have been initiated: Make in India, Digital India, Skilling India, Start-up India, Clean India, etc, catching the imagination of its people and investors. The Government has taken on a war footing, paradigm improvement in the World Bank’s ease of doing business, and various States are also competing with one another to improve and upgrade their systems. 

However, there is still a general perception about the complexity of its laws and bureaucratic systems. There have been frequent changes in laws and procedures, although all for improvement. There has been a great need a comprehensive book covering these entire gamut of laws and regulations.

The book India: The Business Opportunity has fulfilled this need, at the right time. It encompasses nearly every existing law and regulation necessary to set up or run a business here, entry strategies and FDI regulations, raising finance, taxation, dispute settlement, arbitration, environment, labor, competition, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, competition, cyber laws, etc. It also guides about corporate governance, CSR, procedures for compliances and risk management. Altogether, it is a comprehensive and unique publication to help any new or existing investor with almost every aspect of business law in the way.

What makes the book a must read is that each Chapter has been written by an expert or a renowned practitioner who can bring practical perspectives. Dr Linda Spedding herself is a renowned international lawyer with 3 decades of global experience in these matters, and therefore can anticipate various queries from international legal and investor community and incorporate answers. Furthermore, the content is continually being updated with e-updates and therefore remains relevant.

The book is a welcome addition to the existing literature for investors and businessmen, legal fraternity and consultants, chambers and business institutions, and a must on their shelf.

Some copies are available in Helsinki, please contact: info@b3cf.com

or in London from the author direct, please contact: lspedding@yahoo.com

Buy online:

Wildy & Sons

Eastern Book Company