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Finland-NATO Seminar

A Forward-Looking Discussion

Marking the first anniversary of Finland's accession to NATO, the British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland hosted the "Finland and NATO: A Forward-Looking Discussion" at Svenska Klubben. The event attracted a diverse group of attendees, keen on understanding the nuances of Finland's partnership with NATO.

The session commenced with a presentation by Otto Saxén, Senior Ministerial Adviser from the Defence Cooperation Unit at the Ministry of Defence of Finland. Otto delivered an insightful and comprehensive overview of Finland's integration into NATO, discussing the strategic benefits and the enhanced security framework. His engaging presentation was followed by a dynamic Q&A session, where attendees posed thoughtful questions, reflecting their deep interest and concern for national and international security matters.

Following the discussion with Otto, the audience was treated to a special presentation by Michael Franck, who introduced his film project on Finland's journey into NATO. The film provided a poignant visual and narrative perspective on this historic transition, adding an emotional depth to the morning's discussions.

The event was a resounding success, echoing the Chamber's commitment to providing informative and impactful programmes that resonate with its members and the broader community interested in Finland's role on the global stage.

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