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International Women's Day

A wonderful evening of discussions, merriment and optmism for all at B3CF

In charming B3CF-style, members, guests and speakers joined together to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019, at an event kindly sponsored by HCP, Helsinki Capital Partners.

A lineup of engaging speeches, wine and cheese tasting and relaxed networking made for a delightful B3CF event, opened by Garry Parker, Chairman.

H.E. Carmen Smidt, Ambassador of South Africa to Finland, captivated our audience as she set the tone of the evening with a compelling speech of the role of women in today’s society and the progress throughout the Commonwealth.

Sini Kunnas, artist, and speaker at the event, said it was “a super audience and such an honour to have been your guest speaker today. Thank you to the whole team, all who were present and the speakers of this adorable event.”

We heard inspiring stories of ambition and success from Jo Iwasaki, Investor Relations at HCP, and Peppi Stünkel, Community Creator at Innovation House Finland.

Hanna Skyttä, Sales Director at Experiences Production and 3 x World Figure Champion, spoke of the often forgotten role of women in professional sport, as she gave an insight into the power of the mind during recovery from injury. 

Leena Strömberg, of LCS Wines, spoke of the challenges for women in the wine industry and gave an interesting presentation of the wines enjoyed and savoured by all. The winner of the raffle prize also praised highly the rosé champagne, donated by LCS Wines.

Reggie Rusan, of SimpleTec Solutions, provided a thought-provoking talk on the importance of equity and the need for more women in the tech industry.

We were especially honoured to have as special guest Achaleke Christian Leke, Luxembourg Peace Prize Winner. Achaleke’s work for youth prisons through The Creative Skills For Peace project is looking for investment to sustain the important programmes that are providing a future for young people and offering them hope through training, mentoring and sport. Achaleke’s work is supported by the B3CF and  garments were on sale at the event.

The exquisite bouquets were provided by our trusted member Ihana Kukkanen, who have now opened a store in Espoo!

Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the event, for future events, visit our webpage and join our Facebook group for coverage of everything we do at the B3CF.

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