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Members Breakfast: Cybersecurity

Navigating Cyber Challenges with Expert Insights

On a day marked by intellectual exchange and professional camaraderie, the British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland held an engaging session that met and exceeded expectations. The event commenced with a warm welcome from our Executive Director, Vladislav Dobrokhotov, whose opening speech captivated the audience with insightful predictions for 2024, setting a high bar for what was to follow.

The torch was then passed to our distinguished host, Nora Haapala from Rödl & Partner, who led a riveting presentation that left no attendee without engagement. Nora's expertise facilitated a dynamic interaction that served as the backbone of the event, ensuring that every participant felt included and valued. The diversity and calibre of our guests were nothing short of remarkable, with professionals spanning from IT departments to sophisticated cyber solutions embodying the vast expanse of knowledge present within our chamber. The discussions covered the critical topic of securing business against contemporary risks, emphasising Data Security Breaches, Cybercrime, Threats & Preventive Measures, and the pivotal role of Cyber Insurance.

This gathering was a testament to the essence of our chamber—providing a platform for Voice, Information, and Profit Advantage: Wisdom was shared, and new connections were forged, underscoring the vibrant network that our members enjoy and contribute to.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nora Haapala, Timo Huhtala, and the team at Rödl & Partner for their hospitality and for providing a conducive environment for such a fruitful session. To our members and guests, your expertise and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind the success of our events, and we eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to gather, share, and grow together.

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