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Members' Breakfast February 2020

Sustainability as a competitve advantage

On 6th February 2020, the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland in co-operation with its Patron member, Eco Key LTD, hosted a members breakfast event with the theme  “Sustainability as a competitive advantage”. The main purpose of the breakfast was to raise awareness within business decision makers for the alarming need for real solutions in matters of climate change, toxic chemical over usage and over usage of natural non-renewable resources.

The event featured 4 insightful speeches by Heidi Peltonen, Sustainability Driven Growth Marketer, Neste, Snja Lahtinen, Business Strategist for Sustainable Business, Tampere University, Robert John “SPACEMAN”, Tony Stark of Sustainable Buildings, TERRAFORM™Klaus Matilainen, Sustainable Development Advocate, AskKauko.

"How can we accelerate sustainable business even faster? Thank you British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland and Robert John for the opportunity to share thoughts on how partnerships can not only gain trust, but also speed up new innovations and cleaner solutions. I was also happy to see how competitive advantage and sustainability is becoming more and more connected – which was also emphasised by Sonja Lahtinen in her eye-opening speech."
- Heidi Peltonen, Neste

"I was invited to the British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland Members' Breakfast on Sustainability, and heard some insightful talks on the circular economy, sustainability and collaborations; something that aligns with the core of what we are doing at Iron Lakes. It was great to also meet with the board members, partners and other members of the Chambers, and compare notes on vision and strategic implementation."
- Nishan Chelvachandran, Iron Lakes

We thank all our 4 panelists, members and guests attended the event, and our Patron member, Terraform, for a very insightful morning session.  Click any picture to see the whole gallery for the event.