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Overseas Membership

Overseas Membership Benefits

The total exports of goods from the UK to Finland in 2014 amounted to £1.6 billion. Exports of services from the UK to Finland amounted to £1 billion. There are opportunities across the entire value chain for companies from the Commonwealth with competitive products and services.

Becoming a Corporate Member of the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland allows your organisation to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Assistance with general enquires.
  • Connection with corresponding professionals upon specific enquires.
  • Practical aspects of how to do business in Finland. For more specific enquires, we serve as a connector between our members and other organisations of our network, which will provide the required services.
  • Collaboration to organise and promote events in Finland.
  • Help with establishing your business in Finland. Our members will provide you with full range of service incl. accounting & audit, HR, marketing and PR.
  • Access to online B2B platform allowing you to publish your company's information in business directory and list your own projects and events.
  • Promoting your news, upcoming events and other relevant content referent to our members on our website. 
  • Posting job positions available at your company on our website and LinkedIn group.
  • Special rates for accommodation in Helsinki and other discounts if available.

Doing business in Finland

"Doing business in Finland is very similar to doing business in the UK. If your product or service is successful in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll be successful in Finland." - UK Trade & Investment