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B3CF Youth Programme

Promoting Youth Empowerment

  • Young people have a proven capability to lead change, and are a vital and valuable investment for now and the future.

  • We support the effective participation of young women and men in development processes and promote their engagement at all levels of decision-making, including with Business Leaders and Heads of Government.

  • We can and will showcase and celebrate the achievements of young people to demonstrate their capabilities and inspire further action.

  • We advocate for increased investments in business related youth projects and programmes.

  • We promote the professionalisation and commercialisation of young people by fostering focused education and training, especially vocational (on-the-job and off-the-job skills) and the setting of competency standards.

B3CF Youth Programme is designed to address the following challenges:

Academic Institutions, because of cuts in education and ongoing education reform in Finland, will be competing for new sources of additional operating revenue, research and development funds, as well as scholarship money, to attract and recruit prospective students outside the European Union (50 out of 53 Commonwealth countries)

Students face the challenge of finding good internship placements and graduation assignments

Graduates are concerned by the current economic climate that can hinder an aspiring start to a great career

The (Self)-Employed find themselves questioning the next steps in life with regards to personal development and career goals

"...British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland is more active than any other Chamber in Finland..." 
- H.E. Shri. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Ambassador of India to Finland, Co-Chair of B3CF Advisory Board

What B3CF offers to Academic Institutions:

  • Network and Events. As a Chamber member, Institutions could benefit through our events which are professionally organised, internationally publicised through out networks, with influential on-topic speaker.  Our networking activities in Finland and abroad can benefit administration / leadership, academic and vocational staff, and, not least, students requiring internships, research input and employment

  • Brand awareness in the Global Market. Universities will be eventually turning to an endowment program through corporate and private grants as well as from former students. By joining the B3CF, a wider market in one language – English – opens up for finding appropriate resources for endowments. It will also extend brand and services much further in the global market especially in the growing Asian market

  • Professional seminars for students. B3CF team and member company and network executives would come to address issues of business and academic import to universities and vocational establishments, bringing in elements of training, coaching and mentoring where appropriate

  • An Inclusive Commonwealth and Youth Commonwealth. Potential for participation and direct involvement in the Commonwealth Youth Programme (The Commonwealth Secretariat)

What B3CF offers to Students:

  • Seminars. Attending and co-organising professional / vocational seminars, both general and sector specific

  • Network. Building professional relationships through our networking with business, industry, government, and academic leaders

  • Team projects. Building personal portfolios of team projects and presentations for future job and college applications

  • Internship. Internship facilitation, even within B3CF

  • Events. Informal gatherings, and lots of fun!

B3CF welcomes students, post graduate researches and individual academics as its Associate Members!

Membership fees for “B3CF Young Associate” (i.e. non-voting) members is 50€ per annum. Students are also eligible for significant discounts on selected events.

Membership fees for “B3CF Academic Associate” (i.e. non-voting) members is 100€ per annum