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Skilled Internationals

Supporting Investment in International talent and diversity in the Business World

The B3CF Skilled Internationals Programme is a modern innovative platform which provides Finnish companies and organisations in the private and public sector in their employee/employer partnerships, with a thoroughly vetted database of untapped resources of prepared international qualified talent. Our goal is to enable Finnish society to invest and support diversity initiatives in business which benefits all parties domestically and globally.

This new way of thinking will use several approaches of successful models. For one to be successful in any society, they must attain the human, cultural and social capital. This societal approach will been capsulated in our programmes' infrastructure, tailored towards the business world with benefits to companies, organisations and Finnish society. It will also help to lower the immigrant unemployment rate, thus enabling reduced reliability on government support.

This programme pursues internationals already living in Finland who have tertiary education either from Finland or abroad but struggle to find job positions that are compatible to their skills. This project entails several processes for effective functionality:

  • The B3CF initiates a diverse recruitment process by using its platform to publish and promote online an application that will ask the relevant questions regarding skills and education.
  • We find and recruit skilled internationals through a bias-free process.
  • The B3CF’s contact platform is to promote these individuals to our network. This includes our 90 members and companies, 400 newsletter subscribers, a broad network of our stakeholders and business contacts.
  • We follow-up on each individuals’ progress with a feedback loop.

Programme's benefits


Source, select, develop and employ international workers as creative contributors to your workforce.


Meet your potential employer, improve your knowledge of Finnish labour law and find a job matching your skills.



Analysis and lead thinking on immigrant employment, skills and entrepreneurship, as well as benefits for our society.