Feel the Success

Immersive Test Drive

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On 22nd June, the B3CF Chairman, Garry Parker, and Executive Director, Vladislav Dobrokhotov, were giving a ride to our members in luxurious Bentley cars on beautiful streets of Helsinki. This was Feel The Success, the last event before the summer break, that we have organised in cooperation with our Patron member, Bentley Suomi. The event provided selected businesses with an opportunity to pitch to investors and business advisors while enjoying a ride in the back seat of a Bentley.

Would you like to pitch your business idea to an investor? Or are you an investor looking for a new business investment opportunity? Either way, now you can do this while enjoying a luxurious ride through Helsinki in the back seat of a Bentley.

What are we offering?

For businesses:

  • The opportunity to pitch to an investor in the back seat of a Bentley while enjoying a ride around Helsinki

For investors:

  • Two test drives in two Bentley models
  • Individual introductions to Bentley Suomi
  • New investment opportunities

Pitch rides are available to pre-selected businesses and investors. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at info@b3cf.com.

The event will be held in small groups of maximum 3 people (investor, pitcher, and driver).

Available slots:

11.00-12.30 Bentley Suomi (Olari) - Eira - Bentley Suomi (Olari)

12.30-14.00 Eira - Bentley Suomi (Olari) - Eira

13.00-15.30 Bentley Suomi (Olari) - Eira - Bentley Suomi (Olari)

14.30-16.00 Eira - Bentley Suomi (Olari) - Eira

Participation inquiries: info@b3cf.com

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Bentley Suomi Showroom - Eira
Piispantilantie 2, 02240 Espoo

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Feel the Success

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