Welcome Summer Reception

Join us aboard a Bennington Vessel

The event presented on this page is organised by a B3CF member or a partner organisation. While the Chamber promotes the event as a service to our community, it is not responsible for the planning, execution, or any other aspect of the event management. The Chamber accepts no liability for any issues that may arise as a result of participation in this event.

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive "Welcome Summer Reception" hosted aboard a luxurious Bennington boat, a celebrated brand under the Polaris umbrella.

This event, dedicated to our distinguished members, promises an unforgettable experience on the water, blending the serenity of the sea with the warmth of our community.

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Maritime Venue: Embark on a journey aboard a Bennington boat, where the splendor of the setting sun meets the tranquility of the waves. A perfect milieu to welcome the balmy summer evenings.
  • Showcase on the Waves: Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of maritime luxury and innovation with Bennington's latest nautical creations. Discover the craftsmanship and premium features that distinguish Bennington in the realm of luxury boating.
  • Networking Afloat: Connect with fellow chamber members in a unique, floating setting. A golden opportunity to forge valuable connections against the backdrop of panoramic water views.
  • Seasonal Gastronomy: Delight in a curated selection of refreshments and gourmet bites, specially chosen to complement the maritime ambiance and the spirit of summer.
  • Entertainment on Deck: Enjoy live entertainment that encapsulates the vibrancy of summer, all while cruising through the serene waters.
  • Surprises Over the Horizon: Anticipate a few surprises that will make this maritime reception a memorable one for all our  guests.

Please Note:

  • This event is exclusively for B3CF members. Due to the unique nature of the event, registration will be required to ensure a comfortable and personalised experience for all attendees.
  • The final details regarding the exact date, departure point, and itinerary will be communicated in the end of May 2024. We recommend keeping an eye on our updates to stay informed.

Registration: events@b3cf.com

Please register early as spaces are limited.

Thursday, June 6, 2024
Location: tbc

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Welcome Summer Reception

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