Trade Mission to Scotland

Virtual Trade Mission to Scotland with Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

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On 25 February 2021, B3CF held a Virtual Trade Mission to Scotland, organised with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the Trade Mission was to increase trade and cooperation between Scottish and Finnish businesses.

Thank you to all participants for joining. It was amazing to hear some very interesting conversations and hopefully the beginnings of fruitful future collaboration.

Special thanks to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce team for all their hard work in organising such a great virtual event, so that we can continue our international cooperation even in these strange times.

The schedule of the day included:

- Market Briefing Session including welcoming remarks by LolaNicolas, Corporate & International Executive (Edinburgh Chamber ofCommerce) and Mayan Grace, Head of Projects (Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce).

- An overview of the city of Edinburgh, key facts on Scotland, and main ongoing projects in the City by David Cooper, Commercial DevelopmentManager (The City of Edinburgh Council).

- The rest of the day consisted of B2B meetings, with a number of meetings withScottish businesses.

The entire program was delivered virtually via Zoom, so we could experience all the benefits of a Trade Mission despite the current Covid-19 situation.


We were very happy to receive positive feedback from our participants:

“Thank you very much. I learned a lot and I am sure this connection will lead to action.” – Olli Kangas (Procam Productions Ltd.)

“It was a pleasure to hear more about the landscape in Edinburgh and Scotland.” – Nishan Chelvachandran (Iron Lakes)

“Thank you very much for this very interesting event!” - Ivan Kalishevich (Phoenix-General Oy)

“It was my pleasure to meet a couple of interesting business owners from Scotland. The important thing during these challenging times is to keep business running, build new (inter)national networks, and get insights of new markets. Big thanks to all the people from the British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland and EdinburghChamber of Commerce for organising this event!” – Ondrej Spala (Northern Grips)

Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Trade Mission to Scotland

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